Poorly Maintained Property

It is hard to believe that something as simple as properly maintaining the trees and shrubs on your property can lead to a major lawsuit, but this is exactly what can happen. We had someone in my family who owned a piece of property in Daytona, and on this property there was a tree that was overhanging into the roadway. That it was not very far in the roadway, but just enough to slightly blocked the view when driving.

There was a driver several years ago was driving on this road and turned at the intersection, and the tree blocked her line of sight and she got into a very bad accident. She then sued this person in my family and it actually dragged out for more than 3 years. It was finally settled prior to going to trial, but there were thousands of dollars spent in legal fees before it was all said and done. Many people were hurt by this situation, and we did feel bad for the family of the driver.

overgrown-propetySo this is a valuable lesson that we all can learn from. It is so important to properly maintain your property at all times, and to make sure that it never gets to a point where it starts to overgrown and intrude on other’s property and certainly not on public property. It’s just a matter of staying on top of routine upkeep. We have hired www.daytona-tree-service.com to keep up our properties so that this does not happen again. They have done a very good job and we recommend them for any property upkeep. They now perform all of our land clearing that we have needed done in the past few months.

So many lawsuits could be avoided if people would properly maintain their properties and not let them become overgrown and out of control. It is just a matter of doing some simple preventive maintenance, whether it is your trees, your landscape, or your structure, they all have to be properly maintained on a weekly basis to make sure they never impact other people.

property-upkeepWhen things are not properly maintained that is when events happen that can potentially result in lawsuits that can go on for many years. All of this can be avoided with some proactive effort to make sure others who are around your property are safe and protected. You simply cannot depend on the city or the county to advise you when your property is becoming a hazard to others. It is solely your responsibility and you cannot depend on these entities for advice.

It all gets back to personal responsibility and maintaining your property appropriately so that it never impacts others. It is not hard to do, and just takes some effort!

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