Vehicle Recalls from Automakers

automakersClass action lawsuits have become such a major problem for the major auto corporations, that it has literally changed the way business is done. They had tightened all controls to a point we’re it is starting to impact all aspects of the industry. There are more and more recalls now in nearly every type of car, and this is all a direct result of the auto manufacturers taking every possible step to protect themselves and their companies.

If I recently took my SUV up in for an oil change and routine maintenance, and while my truck was there it was determined that there was a recall in place for my particular vehicle. As a result, they would not release my SUV until the recall was completed, and they held in there for over a week. They paid for a rental car which I used for the week, but it was very inconvenient and a hassle to deal with.

This is all the result of the many lawsuits that the big three auto corporations are dealing with, and it has definitely changed the way business is done. Now if you have a recall on your vehicle it is almost like a police state where they will hold it against your will until the recall is satisfied. And the volume of recalls has increased drastically, because as soon as there is the slightest possibility of a potential problem then it immediately comes a recall where every vehicle must fix the potential flaw, and everything comes to a grinding halt until that is complete.

Much of this is the result of the increased legal activity that has been levied against major corporations, and this is their self-defense in action. A lot of this was probably a long time in coming, as there were a number of major issues are the auto manufacturers were aware of flaws and actions that were occurring as a result of faulty hardware, but instead of doing the right thing and fixing the problems, they hid and were evasive and did not take proper responsibility. This enraged many consumers and the lawyers who were standing behind them, in so this is now the system getting even.

auto-recallsThis is the basis for many class action lawsuits, and major corporations do not step up and take proper responsibility when they are clearly at fault when something goes wrong. If they would just take responsibility initially and the problem first appears, and so many of these other problems that result could be avoided quite easily. And in the case of the large automakers, there were many people that were injured and even killed as a result of the auto manufacturers not correcting these problems in a timely manner because they did not want to accept financial responsibility for the problem. That is simply wrong on so many different levels.

One of the many consequences that has come out of the many lawsuits filed against the major auto corporations that are the significant number of recalls that each vehicle now seems to have. Although this is an inconvenience for many consumers, ultimately it is a very good thing because it is clear evidence that the automakers are overcautious in making sure that they correct any potential that malfunction which in turn reduces the chance of catastrophic accidents.

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