Big Tobacco Lawsuits

big-tobaccoTobacco lawsuits are among the most widespread in the entire United States, and the judgments from these lawsuits have been astronomical. An entire industry has been turned upside down as a result of consumers becoming more aware of the devastating effects of cigarette smoking. The large tobacco companies have been brought to their knees and forced to pay enormous fines to people have been harmed by cigarette usage.

On a very fundamental level it seems quite wrong that these tobacco companies were aware of the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, and they certainly should have been more responsible in the way these products were marketed, and provided clear warning to the public and to users. However, they clearly put profits and business interest in front of consumer health and this is flat wrong. This is the reason that class action lawsuits were created.

Many people who have been harmed by smoking have received millions and millions of dollars for these problems. Unfortunately, all the money in the world is not worth your health, as without your health nothing else matters. This is why these large companies have been hit very hard with lawsuits because so many people have had health problems as a result of these very dangerous cigarettes.

The good old days of it being cool to smoke are now long gone, and most consumers are well aware of the devastating effects of cigarette smoking. This is one of the very good things to come from these class action lawsuits against big tobacco, as had they not happened there probably would not be the outrage against the companies who are distributing a very harmful product. This is why class action lawsuits were created, to provide justice for victims and to make the public aware of these type of harmful circumstances.

There are some that feel tobacco companies should not be held responsible as it is a person’s choice to smoke or to harm their body. This does not seem like a very logical argument from the standpoint of humanity, but even setting that aside if the companies knew that cigarette smoking was harmful and did not advise their clients and the general public and they should be held to account for all of the problems that are created.

And the problem is, this is the only way to get the attention of large corporations, and that is by forcing them to pay out multi-million dollar judgments. Without them having to do that you simply will not get their full attention, which is very sad to say. However, once you force them to pay out millions of dollars in settlements then you are forcing them to act responsibly as well.

This type of lawsuit to us has a great deal of merit and also serves the public interest, unlike this lawsuit.