Home Contractors for Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery CleaningCarpet cleaning probably seems like a rather harmless activity. However, if not done properly it can create many far-reaching and expensive problems. There was a class action lawsuit last year in Florida when a company used shoddy and broken equipment to do carpet cleaning and rug cleaning in a $2.5 million dollar mansion. The company made some mistakes and was using old and broken equipment and damaged an $80,000 oriental rug that was over 200 years old.

Hiring Qualified Companies

This is why it is so important to hire qualified companies to do work in your home or business. When you don’t do this important research, damage can happen in your home which can lead to many headaches and expenses. When we need carpet cleaning in Port Orange in our town home, we only hire the very best company. We have found Port Orange Carpet Cleaners to be extremely good at what they do, and they do not use old, faulty equipment.  They have all of the latest technology and equipment.

The lawsuit that was filed in south Florida last year was the result of a carpet cleaning machine that had not been serviced in more than 2 years. It should never have been used to clean that oriental rug, as this was a lawsuit just waiting to happen. Many lawsuits like this can be avoided if homeowners would just take the time to make sure that reputable contractors enter their home.

As it turns out in this particular lawsuit, the rest of the carpet cleaning job in their home was done very well. The homeowners said they were very happy with the results as far as cleaning the carpets in their family room as well as the furniture in their living room. However, this a great learning point as it only takes one mistake to become a financial disaster!

Carpet Cleaning Research

The carpet cleaning we have had done in Port Orange has always turned out great, and that is because we only hire carpet cleaning companies who are fully insured and have great reputations for all the work they have done when it comes to Port Orange carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.  The truth is, so many homeowners are just too lazy to do a few hours of research to make the best decision.  They just want to hire someone now and not make the extra effort!

There is an old saying that always hold true: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Never more true then when it comes to doing your homework so you can have clean carpets, but also avoid costly lawsuits. When doing research on carpet cleaners, all they had to do was ask to visit the company and they would have seen the old and faulty equipment.

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