Poor Upkeep Leading to Lawsuits

Dirty KitchenWe had a house fire in 2010 that started in our kitchen, and it was determined that it resulted from unclean appliances. It turned into a big lawsuit and many companies got involved in this lawsuit, and a great deal of money was spent. All because there was improper cleaning in our kitchen which led to a fire in our stove. Trapped dirt and trapped grease can be a problem if a lighter or match ever gets near it, so don’t make this mistake and end up in a lawsuit.

Cleaning your kitchen cabinets can be both easy or hard, depending on their shape and condition. One common issue with kitchen cabinet is grease which is caused by smoke and food particles. That is why, cleaning products with grease removal properties are usually recommended for kitchen maintenance. You need to choose the best cleaner which can handle both interior and exterior cabinet grime. The most basic idea to clean kitchen cabinets is to wipe down the exterior area with a nice cleanser. Remove everything inside the cabinets and clean the interior. So basically, it is a three step process; purchase an effective cleanser, clean exterior, and then clean interior.


Mild laundry detergents or dishwashing liquids are very effective kitchen cabinet cleaners. If your cleanser is too strong, you will need to dilute 1 part of liquid in 2 parts of water. If you prefer laundry detergent, ensure the product is designed to remove oil and grease. Natural products can also be used to clean kitchen cabinets such as baking soda, vinegar, and lemon. It was determined in the class action lawsuit that none of these cleaners had been used in years, and that is how lawsuits start!

Exterior Cabinet Cleaning

Start with exterior cleaning. Clean cabinets by carefully and gently scrubbing the surface. You can use an old washcloth or a sponge with any cleaning solution of your choice. Never use a scrub brush or steel wool because that can scratch the exterior surface. Start with the hidden areas as this will allow you to ensure that cleaning is not harming the cabinet. You will need to pay more attention to the difficult and stickiest spots such as drawer pulls and door handles.

Interior Cleaning

Remove all the contents of the cabinet and then vacuum or wipe up food particles and crumbs from inside. Use a cloth or sponge and a cleaning solution to clean the bottom, shelves, as well as the walls of the cabinet interior. Let it dry before putting dishes and the food back in the cabinet. See, it is a very simple process!

Kitchen area is the most utilized area in your home. It tends to get dirty. That is why, it is suggested to clean your kitchen cabinets on a regular basis. It is good for your health as well as for the appearance of your kitchen. Maintaining your kitchen furniture is very important to improve the look as well as the health of that particular space. You can also use sugar soaps to clean the cabinets as they can clean almost every type of dirt without damaging the wood. You can easily purchase a cleaning solution from any nearby local hardware store or from online stores like Amazon.

All of these cleaning instructions will help you to achieve two important things:

  1. Keep your home clean and hospitable for guests
  2. Eliminate materials that can lead to fires and even lawsuits

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