Tree Fertilizers for Growth and Safety

To select the best granular fertilizer, you should pick a blend that offers nutrients particular to the needs of their garden as well as the lawn. No matter whether you are a plant specialist or a casual gardener, you should think about the type of plants you are feeding, as well as how rapid you need growth of the plants. This information will help you choose a mix of nutrients that will nourish as well as feed your trees and plants on a regular basis; without overfeeding or starving them.  Our business hired Port Orange Tree Service to provide tree fertilization for our business in Florida.  They were experts in granular fertilization, and also pointed out the concerns of spray-on fertilizers.

Spray-on fertilizers have taken a lot of heat in the past few years, as there was a class-action lawsuit related to spray-on fertilizers.  Scotts Miracle Gro Green Max was found to cause stains on driveways and sidewalks due to being a dark green color.  The product was supposed to have two purposes: to turn the lawn green like being painted on until the effect of the fertilizer began to take hold.  This resulted in many homeowners having colored sidewalks, and they banded together to file a lawsuit against Scotts.

A granular fertilizer usually provides three important nutrients imperative to plant progress in a small pellet form. These three nutrients are phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. So be sure to check the amount of each nutrient on the package of fertilizer. These pellets can be allocated over the lawn using a wide range of different forms of broadcast spreaders which spread them equally over the ground, or they can be combined into the lawn soil by hand. The higher the figure listed in the labeling, the more powerful the granular fertilizer will be.

Nitrogen is crucial for leaf and tree growth, and is frequently suggested for use on new gardens or landscape.  The fertilizers that consist of high amounts of nitrogen should only be applied amid the early springs, when grass, as well as the trees are starting their growth phase. Lawns and trees that are ready to sprout, as well as the newly seeded lawns, can use this fertilizer to help them sprout quickly and expedite the growth process.  Keep in mind that nitrogen fertilizers are not recommended during the late fall months. Nitrogen is very essential for leaf growth, and that is why it should be included in the granular fertilizers.

A number of granular fertilizers are intended to be moderate release treatments.  We recommend avoiding the use of spray-on fertilizers until the pending lawsuits are properly resolved.  Until then, the pellets in granular fertilizers have been developed in a manner that their outside shell casing is designed to separate gradually over a period of time. With direct exposure to the elements, the vital nutrients saturate the soil step by step, instead of all at once, and give a more consistent as well as durable growth for your trees and plants. This sort of fertilizer is useful for people who are tending to a garden or lawn long term, such as homeowners. If your intention is just to grow the plants quickly, then it is not for you.

Many people want a quick green lawn and that is why they choose a granular fertilizer.  As mentioned above, the procedure of plant and tree growth is a gradual progress, as it is the natural way to grow. A granular fertilizer is a supplement for plants and trees, just like the human health supplements.

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