Subway Subs – Not Quite 12″

This is a class action lawsuit that affects us nearly all.  If you have ever been to Subway, then you know that their subs come in either 6″ or 12″.  This is where the trouble comes in.  Subway was hit with a class action lawsuit for not selling the correct way of subs.  Apparently, many of their customers felt they were being ripped off for ordering subs that were often times 1″ short.

Believe it or not, this is typical of the class action lawsuits that happen every day in the United States.  Some people might think that this is a frivolous suit, however the bottom line is that people want full value for the money they pay.

In many ways this is not a bad thing.  It forces huge corporations to not take shortcuts to save money at the expense of the consumer.  We seriously doubt that Subway intentionally cut short the length of their subs in order to make money.  However, it does go to the larger point that these companies must fulfill their obligations to the consumer, and that is never a bad thing.

This article here from the Huffington Post will give you more information on all of the details regarding this class action lawsuit.  In this particular lawsuit there’ll be no money that changes hands, just a legal requirement for Subway to deliver their food products as advertised.

I have ordered many Subway subs over the years, but never thought about a lawsuit if it was not perfectly made, or even not made strictly as advertised.  I do believe, however, that it is important for companies to make every effort to honor their obligations to their customers.  And more importantly, many large companies will not make this effort unless they are forced to using the mechanism of a class-action lawsuit.

Without the power of a class action lawsuit, most companies would never be forced to take the proper action to remedy the situations.  So although many people might look at this lawsuit as a complete waste of time, in reality it is a way to continually send a message to keep large companies in check.  So what many people called frivolous lawsuits, at Lipitor Lawsuits we like to call discipline and accountability!

There is a great deal more information online for this particular class action lawsuit.  Although it really does not directly affect most of us, it again, is important from the standpoint that people are entitled to a fair shake when it comes to what they are paying for.

Always be vigilant to make sure you are treated fairly by businesses and large companies.  It is not their right to take shortcuts at your expense!

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