Solar Panels Defective

solar-blue-skyThere has been an onslaught in the manufacture and installation in the United States and around the world.  So it is to be expected that there will be a certain percentage of defective products given the volume of production, regardless of the industry or type of product.  The most recent industry that is gained attention is the solar energy industry.

There has been a great increase in the percentage of solar products in the United States over the past decade.  It has recently come to light that there is a high volume of defective products resulting from this increased production.  My good friend David Williams owns a solar company in Florida, and they are seeing a number of defective panels from the manufacturer as a result of the increase in volume.

Even the general manager of Dupont’s solar panel production group has admitted that shortcuts have been taken in order to accommodate the massive increase in volume.  One of the few companies that has capacity to increase production of solar panels is China.  However, the quality control at many other facilities has come into question.  Some experts have said that the failure rate in defect rate is as high as 13% in some of these facilities.  And the solar panels that are defective are failing in his early is two years.

It is even worse that four of the top five solar panel manufactures are based in China.  This has put an immense an immediate responsibility on American companies who are sourcing solar panels in China.  These American companies know the devastating effects of class action lawsuits, and how these actions can affect the future of their companies.

Although the class action lawsuit has not yet officially been filed against American solar companies, or their Chinese manufacturers, a number of industry watchdogs are starting to collect data and information on consumer complaints with solar panels.  This is often the increasing snowball that raises public awareness and you begin to realize that many people might be touched by a potential problem.  As a potential lawsuit regarding solar panels is investigated, one concern is that the problem might be that the solar panels are not producing the advertised megawatts.  And unfortunately, consumers might not realize there’s a problem if the lack of production is only a small percentage.  So the solar panel might be defective, but unless the homeowner or business owner is very proactive they may never realize it.

One remedy would be to hire an independent solar company to come to your home or business and service and analyze the productive output of your solar systems.  It is only fair that homeowners are getting exactly what they pay for, and the solar system is fully producing as advertised.

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