Zofran Birth Defect

There is a class action lawsuit related to the morning sickness drug Zofran.  The lawsuit alleges that mothers who have taken Zofran during pregnancy to relieve morning sickness have experienced birth defects in their newborn babies.  This is one of those class action lawsuits that has severe consequences on a number of levels.

Zofran was originally prescribed for people suffering very difficult effects of chemotherapy treatment.  During the 1990’s, the company was able to effectively expand the scope and use of Zofran to include pregnant mothers experiencing morning sickness.  The lawsuit alleges that not enough research and analysis was done to determine the safety of the expecting mother.  The implication is that it was the result of another large drug company becoming overzealous and its desire to sell more prescribed drugs.

The resulting consequences have become tragic.  Studies have determined that there is a 30% increase and the risk of birth defects, a doubled risk of certain heart conditions, and even higher rates of the newborn having a cleft palate.  There have now been hundreds of complaints that have surfaced as a result of this lawsuit coming to light.  Many families who thought that birth defects in their newborns were simply a matter of chance, have learned that the real reason might be linked to Zofran.


Even worse, it has been learned that in Canada the packaging for Zofran contains warnings for pregnant mothers, but no such warnings exist in the United States.  One mother recently said that she would never taken Zofran had her, or her doctor known, that there was any possibility of birth defects.

This is undoubtedly a lawsuit that has the most severe repercussions imaginable, as it affects the innocent unborn.  The analysis is clear, in that if Canada was aware of potential hazards of this drug why wasn’t the United States?  That seems to be a very difficult question for the drug company to answer.

There have been studies done by reputable companies that showed no clear link between Zofran and birth defects.  Here is a link to a reputable doctor at Fox News that confirms the safety of Zofran.  So this is what our legal system is designed to settle, whether not there is enough evidence to prove that the drug company was negligent in marketing Zofran to expecting mothers.  Certainly we can all agree that the health of expecting mothers has to be placed above any financial interest, with no exceptions.