Poorly Maintained Property

It is hard to believe that something as simple as properly maintaining the trees and shrubs on your property can lead to a major lawsuit, but this is exactly what can happen. We had someone in my family who owned a piece of property in Daytona, and on this property there was a tree that was overhanging into the roadway. That it was not very far in the roadway, but just enough to slightly blocked the view when driving.

There was a driver several years ago was driving on this road and turned at the intersection, and the tree blocked her line of sight and she got into a very bad accident. She then sued this person in my family and it actually dragged out for more than 3 years. It was finally settled prior to going to trial, but there were thousands of dollars spent in legal fees before it was all said and done. Many people were hurt by this situation, and we did feel bad for the family of the driver.

overgrown-propetySo this is a valuable lesson that we all can learn from. It is so important to properly maintain your property at all times, and to make sure that it never gets to a point where it starts to overgrown and intrude on other’s property and certainly not on public property. It’s just a matter of staying on top of routine upkeep. We have hired www.daytona-tree-service.com to keep up our properties so that this does not happen again. They have done a very good job and we recommend them for any property upkeep. They now perform all of our land clearing that we have needed done in the past few months.


Vehicle Recalls from Automakers

automakersClass action lawsuits have become such a major problem for the major auto corporations, that it has literally changed the way business is done. They had tightened all controls to a point we’re it is starting to impact all aspects of the industry. There are more and more recalls now in nearly every type of car, and this is all a direct result of the auto manufacturers taking every possible step to protect themselves and their companies.

If I recently took my SUV up in for an oil change and routine maintenance, and while my truck was there it was determined that there was a recall in place for my particular vehicle. As a result, they would not release my SUV until the recall was completed, and they held in there for over a week. They paid for a rental car which I used for the week, but it was very inconvenient and a hassle to deal with.

This is all the result of the many lawsuits that the big three auto corporations are dealing with, and it has definitely changed the way business is done. Now if you have a recall on your vehicle it is almost like a police state where they will hold it against your will until the recall is satisfied. And the volume of recalls has increased drastically, because as soon as there is the slightest possibility of a potential problem then it immediately comes a recall where every vehicle must fix the potential flaw, and everything comes to a grinding halt until that is complete.


Hotel Lawsuits and How to Avoid

indexDaytona Beach is home to many beautiful resorts, hotels, and convention centers. They’re a great place to get away on vacation and really enjoyed a great time. There have been several lawsuits recently against hotels in this area as a result of defective products installed within the hotels. This is so often the case when hotels are trying to save money and purchase and install defective systems just to save a few dollars. It generally never works out in the end and it nearly always makes more sense to purchase quality products in the beginning.

This is especially true if you’re dealing with very technical and very delicate products like solar products. We have found Daytona Beach solar panels be a very high quality and installed in a very professional manner. They also have solar water heaters in Daytona Beach that are a great investment for hotels, resorts, and even homeowners. And if you purchase these type of quality products and you will reap the rewards in the future as they will perform better and save you money in the long run, and likely help you to avoid lawsuits.

A great example of where hotels try to save money is by not investing in the proper safety precautions around their swimming pools. There have been many stories of young children drowning as a result of the swimming pools not having their pools properly marked and safeguarded. Now it is more common to see signs that tried to avoid liability and take no responsibility for anything that happens in their pools.


Big Tobacco Lawsuits

big-tobaccoTobacco lawsuits are among the most widespread in the entire United States, and the judgments from these lawsuits have been astronomical. An entire industry has been turned upside down as a result of consumers becoming more aware of the devastating effects of cigarette smoking. The large tobacco companies have been brought to their knees and forced to pay enormous fines to people have been harmed by cigarette usage.

On a very fundamental level it seems quite wrong that these tobacco companies were aware of the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, and they certainly should have been more responsible in the way these products were marketed, and provided clear warning to the public and to users. However, they clearly put profits and business interest in front of consumer health and this is flat wrong. This is the reason that class action lawsuits were created.