Vehicle Recalls from Automakers

automakersClass action lawsuits have become such a major problem for the major auto corporations, that it has literally changed the way business is done. They had tightened all controls to a point we’re it is starting to impact all aspects of the industry. There are more and more recalls now in nearly every type of car, and this is all a direct result of the auto manufacturers taking every possible step to protect themselves and their companies.

If I recently took my SUV up in for an oil change and routine maintenance, and while my truck was there it was determined that there was a recall in place for my particular vehicle. As a result, they would not release my SUV until the recall was completed, and they held in there for over a week. They paid for a rental car which I used for the week, but it was very inconvenient and a hassle to deal with.

This is all the result of the many lawsuits that the big three auto corporations are dealing with, and it has definitely changed the way business is done. Now if you have a recall on your vehicle it is almost like a police state where they will hold it against your will until the recall is satisfied. And the volume of recalls has increased drastically, because as soon as there is the slightest possibility of a potential problem then it immediately comes a recall where every vehicle must fix the potential flaw, and everything comes to a grinding halt until that is complete.


Big Tobacco Lawsuits

big-tobaccoTobacco lawsuits are among the most widespread in the entire United States, and the judgments from these lawsuits have been astronomical. An entire industry has been turned upside down as a result of consumers becoming more aware of the devastating effects of cigarette smoking. The large tobacco companies have been brought to their knees and forced to pay enormous fines to people have been harmed by cigarette usage.

On a very fundamental level it seems quite wrong that these tobacco companies were aware of the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, and they certainly should have been more responsible in the way these products were marketed, and provided clear warning to the public and to users. However, they clearly put profits and business interest in front of consumer health and this is flat wrong. This is the reason that class action lawsuits were created.


Lawsuits Dealing With Product Defects

Product DefectsNow that the holidays are over, it is a good time to consider the safety of all products in your home.  Your children probably collected a number of new gifts over the holidays, and it is a good time to take stock and make sure that everything is safe.

Each year there are always stories of children playing with gifts and gadgets that are sometimes not safe.  This, unfortunately, can result in very serious situations.  Product manufacturers sometimes take shortcuts and do not make sure that the products that they sell are safe for both adults and children.

This has led to many class action lawsuits over the years, and it is really one of the few ways to hold these manufacturers responsible for the products that they sell.  But as a parent or guardian, you can do your part also to make sure these various items are safe for use.


Dealing With Insurance Companies

For anyone who has ever dealt with insurance companies knows that they can be very difficult to work with.  They are always very eager to collect premiums, but when it comes time to settle a claim they are generally not as eager.  For this reason they have developed a reputation with many people that is less than positive.  It can be very frustrating when a consumer pays insurance premiums in good faith for many years, and then when something happens the insurance company does not step up and do the right thing.

This hit a new low after Hurricane Sandy.  There have been several class action lawsuits filed by homeowners and business owners in the Northeast as a result of insurance companies not paying claims on damages resulting from the hurricane.  This is truly a tragic circumstance.  Even the government has been dragged into this lawsuit.  These victims are at their most vulnerable point, indeed assistance for the most basic needs, such as food and housing.


Hiring a Contractor and Avoiding a Lawsuit

Class action lawsuits in the landscape industry are obviously quite rare, but unfortunately individual lawsuits can be quite common. Many times these type of lawsuits can involve serious bodily harm, which is always unfortunate but a reality of that industry. We have a friend involved in Lipitor Lawsuits that was having some tree service work done on her farm, and one of the employees seriously injured his leg while working.

My friend, Susan, got involved in a lawsuit by this employee even though she had really nothing to do with what happened. It turns out the company was doing a lot of tree removal on their farm, and a new employee was not properly trained on how to cut down these large oak trees. One of the trees fell on his leg resulting in a compound fracture, and nearly severed his leg above the knee.

This particular company had been doing tree removal work for a number of years, and had always done very good work. They had tree cutting technicians who are very well versed in the use of chain saws and cutting equipment. However, they ran short on labor one day and hired a new employee who went straight to the job site. So he was not properly trained entry service techniques, resulting in a serious injury.

This would certainly be considered a frivolous lawsuit as Susan had nothing to do with the accident. But it does really indicate the importance of hiring the correct contractor for your home repair needs. Susan said she had use this company for more than 10 years, and they were a top notch tree service company. Even still, it shows how important is to make sure that you have all of the required insurance because you never know when you might be sued.

When hiring a landscape, lawn service, or tree service company, it is imperative that you hire a company with a solid reputation and make for us than for a certificate of insurance. Make sure this certificate is not expired and contains at least one million dollars of liability insurance, as well as an active workers comp policy. This will make sure that you are protected in the event that an employee is injured.

So many homeowners are not aware of this law, and they hire the company that is not properly insured and when an employee gets hurt on their property they are now liable. This situation can have catastrophic financial consequences. It is imperative that this insurance is confirmed.

Here is a quick video on how to hire a contractor in the correct way and avoid trouble, especially a lawsuit! But most importantly, to protect yourself if you don’t know this contractor.

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Subway Subs – Not Quite 12″

This is a class action lawsuit that affects us nearly all.  If you have ever been to Subway, then you know that their subs come in either 6″ or 12″.  This is where the trouble comes in.  Subway was hit with a class action lawsuit for not selling the correct way of subs.  Apparently, many of their customers felt they were being ripped off for ordering subs that were often times 1″ short.

Believe it or not, this is typical of the class action lawsuits that happen every day in the United States.  Some people might think that this is a frivolous suit, however the bottom line is that people want full value for the money they pay.

In many ways this is not a bad thing.  It forces huge corporations to not take shortcuts to save money at the expense of the consumer.  We seriously doubt that Subway intentionally cut short the length of their subs in order to make money.  However, it does go to the larger point that these companies must fulfill their obligations to the consumer, and that is never a bad thing.